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More than half of the success of the wedding photography is the photographer himself. Wedding photography is actually considered as one of the most difficult photgraphical styles. Photographer must be capable not just to record all the moments from your big day but also to make the whole series unique and exlusive. And all of this in a very limited time and most importanty knowing, there´s no second chance. When the photographer is into the wedding photography for a sufficiently long time, he´s absolutely confident about the appropriate lightening techniques, when to use the flash or not and is then able to move his ease and well-being onto the happy couple too. This very often influences the expressions on the customer faces. When looking for a wedding photographer, you should definitely ask the candidate to show you a portfolio of delivered photoshoots and also consider the flexibility and creativity of the photographer in terms of your own wedding. You really don´t want to have the same pictures as hundreds of other couples, don´t you?

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