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About us

We decided to launch The Dreams in  2006 after having already worked as wedding photographers for amost a decade. All of our photographers are members of the Association of Photographers of the Czech Republic. Being actively involved in wedding photography for more a decade with hundreds of wedding being shot, they will not miss even a single moment of Your Day and will be happy to fulfil all of your wishes.

Our main objective has always been to provide the happy couple with a record of unforgettable moments of The Day, without them even knowing that we have spent it with them. In addition we offer the fine finishing touches like retouch, desaturation or even a luxury wedding photobook.

With the progressive development of digital technologies we´ve widen our services by offering unique wedding photobooks. These move the boundaries even a step further and complete a truly unforgettable wedding photography product.

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tel.: +420 739 827 007
e-mail: info@thedreams.cz

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